This Week’s Learning

We have had a very exciting week this week! On Monday and Tuesday, we had a fantastic ‘Portals to the Past’ workshop, where we learnt so much fascinating information about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. This included: role play, where we were chased by a woolly mammoth, building our own miniature Stonehenge and getting to handle some brilliant artifacts, including animal fur, various tools and very heavy chain-link armour!

Later in the week, we read the story ‘Stone Age Boy’, about a young boy who goes back in time to the Stone Age and meets a girl named Om. After reading the story, we role played different parts and thought about the different characters’ thoughts and feelings. We used the vocabulary we generated from this to create a word-bank, that help us to plan our diaries that we are going to write next week.

In maths this week, we started by practising column subtraction with decimals. We thought all about place value and when you need to exchange. We then solved some missing number problems involving the inverse (the opposite operation) and by using patterns in number.

French Learning

Year 4: This half-term in French, the children will be learning about sports and sporting heroes. They will learn how to use a bilingual dictionary (French – English, English – French) to find adjectives in both genders (masculine and feminine). They will practise writing sentences using these adjectives to describe sporting heroes. The children will also have an introduction on how to say the time in French.