Maths Home Learning w/b: 30th March 2020

Please find the Week 6 Learning Journey below along with accompanying sheets.

Topic Home Learning w/b: 30th March 2020

Please find the Week 6 Learning Journey below along with accompanying sheets.

Please do not forgot to send examples of your work to Mrs Nunn so we can celebrate the wonderful home learning efforts. Enjoy the week!

Celebration of Home Learning

This week, I received some great examples of the amazing things children in Year 6 are doing at home. Sophie created an informative e-safety poster following the e-safety blog, whilst Luca wrote an interesting report relating to improving the healthcare system following the outbreak of the virus. Thank you both for your lovely work!

Reasonable People: Co-opting Private Services for Public Gain Our current system is struggling more and more every day, none more so than our healthcare system. This brings me onto my point which is this: what if we had an ambulance service that could reach anywhere at any time and save money and this can be achieved through the human instinct to have more and using what we have differently. This mainly exists in people who already have too much and many wealthy CEOs would leap at a chance to earn more. So what if we somehow managed to persuade private companies to invest in their own ambulances and paramedics, who could be deployed from the company nearest to the accident and in exchange get government (a high value investor) funding. It might lead to more doctors in hospitals, increasing the patient intake needed in the height of the coronavirus outbreak. These companies also have the money and time to research more innovative tech, a good place to put their money for public good. And I understand concerns about how much power this places on individuals but imagine what an atrocity it would be for the company’s reputation if it went wrong, and a loss of official funding would be detrimental, and also it could even expand advertising for almost nothing where as an advert on prime time can cost 100s of pounds. I appreciate you reading this.   Kind regards, Luca  

Please continue to send in more examples of the amazing Home Learning you are doing for us to celebrate.

Mrs Nunn

Foundation Home Learning – 27th March 2020


Based on the Spring 2 French Learning Journey, students could practise through linguascope saying which body part hurts. In more detail once they log in, they go to Beginners à French Flag à moi et ma famille à les douleurs and there they can complete all related activities. At the moment the Linguascope website is not working. Please bear with us and we will email you ASAP the new log in details.

Art Project

Health & Well-being / E-Safety

Below are the objectives with activities to do at home.

  • To understand that mental well-being is a normal part of daily life, in the same way as physical health.
  • To know that it is common for people to experience mental ill health and for many people who do, the problems can resolve if the right support is made available and accessed, especially if they access support as early as possible; to know that they can ask for help if they are worried about someone

Watch ‘Talking Mental Health’ with your child:

Discuss the video with your child and how it is normal and that it is important to get support.

There is an accompanying parent guide with more information: