This Week’s Learning

This week, the children embraced their inner explorer and went orienteering! They used a compass and map to navigate their way around outside. They answered topic-related questions in order to find the next instruction on our route! Despite the tricky start, the children made it around most of the map and really enjoyed being mini explorers!

The children also researched, planned, designed and made their very own model of a tent. They were given a design brief that they had to follow. The tent had to be suitable to withstand the conditions of the polar regions. Due to this, the children had to think carefully about the materials that they used, for example, making it waterproof. After making the tents, they were tested to see how waterproof, windproof and predator-proof they were. The children evaluated their tents and thought about how they could improve them.

This week in maths, the children started the week by looking at the rule of BODMAS. They then applied our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to a range of word problems. They used bar models to demonstrate the method used. Finally, they finished the week by investigating unit and non-unit fractions. The children have had a great week and a great first half-term of Year 6! Well done to all!

Hindleap Warren Parent Meeting

Thank you to those of you who were able to make the meeting this afternoon. It was so lovely to see so many of you! Attached are the PowerPoint slides which were shared. If you were unable to make it but have questions, then please contact myself (Mrs Nunn) or Mrs Lloyd and we will be happy to answer them.

Following the questions asked about medication, it has been confirmed that we will be able to take prescribed medicine (for example; epipens, inhalers, antihistamine) from the school office for your child. However, we do ask that you complete Form 3 of the medical policy, which was sent home today, to support the medicine being administered on the trip. Please hand this to Mrs Lloyd or Mrs Maddock at the school office on either Friday 22nd November at 2:30pm or Monday 25th November 8am.

Today you should have received a letter, along with Form 3, stating some general information about the trip. Attached to the letter was the KIT list. Please ask your child’s class teacher if you have not received either the letter or the form. 6L will receive their letter and form tomorrow.