What we have learnt this week…

This week we wrote a diary entry on a Viking raid. We used our plans to create a piece of work from the perspective of a Viking warrior that included: the setting; the raid; how we might be feeling; and our reflection on the day.  We also found out some exciting facts about why King Alfred was so ‘great’ and hot-seated King Athelstan about his time in power.

In Maths this week, we have been using bar models to demonstrate our understanding of missing number problems and word problems. We have been using this method to show how we can use the inverse to check our workings out. We have also been practicing our timetables to ensure a quick recall.

This Week’s Learning

This week in Topic, Year 5 were working hard to plan and write their Anglo-Saxon Legends, and they all produced some fantastic work! They also learnt more about the Vikings – discussing their seafaring skills and why these meant that they were a threat. They also learnt about the first Viking raid of Lindisfarne and discussed how people would have felt during the raids. Then, they then ‘hot-seated’ different characters to ask them questions!

This week in Maths, Year 5 were practising column addition and subtraction, ensuring that they were exchanging between columns correctly. They also practised mental methods of adding and subtraction, as well as learning to check accuracy in their work by using rounding to estimate.