Next week’s learning

Please find below, the learning objectives for our first week back.

In maths, we will be looking at the following objectives:

  • Recognise the per cent symbol (%) and understand that per cent relates to ‘number of parts per hundred’, and write percentages as a fraction with denominator 100, and as a decimal. (E.g. 23/100 = 23%)
  • Solve problems which require knowing percentage and decimal equivalents of 1/2, 1/4, 1/5, 2/5, 4/5 and those fractions with a denominator of a multiple of 10 or 25. (E.g. Roger has a bag with 25 balls. 6 of them are red. What percentage of the balls are red?)

Happy Holidays!

Well done Year 5 on a fantastic Spring Term!

Reflecting on this half-term, we really enjoyed our trip to the Science Museum where we found out some amazing facts about Space and our Sun at the exhibition. We also had our Year 5 Production ‘Lost in Space’, which was a fantastic show. All the children worked incredibly heard learning their lines, songs and dance moves.

In Summer 1, we will be starting our new topic ‘Location, Location, Location’, where will be going on our Cheam Walk. A kind reminder to hand consent letters back in to your class teacher.

We hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 23rd April for our Health and Wellbeing Morning.

Health and Wellbeing Spring 2

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we learned lots of new things about body image. Body image is:

‘not what people look like but it is their feelings and thoughts about how they look.  It can be psotive or negative. We want a positive body image.  Sometimes, adverts and the different media we see in our everyday lives can have an impact on the way we might feel about ourselves, including our body image’.

Knowledge we have gained: what adverts are and how the media use these to present information and the positive/negative impact these can have on our body image. We looked at this advert to see what may be a before/after shot:

Skills we have learnt and used: good judgement, assertiveness, honesty, trust

Get Caught Reading

We want to see where your children are reading. Sometimes it can be the most peculiar places. Over the holidays, let’s see if your children can ‘Get Caught Reading’ a book. If you would like to share an image of your child enjoying a book, please send them into school with a small image. It can be them enjoying a book on the bus, swinging on the swings, at the beach, under a table or upside down on the sofa.

This is just a bit of fun and will also contribute to a whole school reading display. More importantly, it is to encourage children to read books more often and wherever they choose to, no matter if reading is beyond bedtime.

Thank you!


Please be aware that watches that have photo/recording capabilities are not permitted to be worn by the children at school.

Children should not be wearing such devices as this goes against our E-safety policy for the school. There are certain brands that make these watches and one example is ‘vtech’.

Thank you for your support, KS2