School Fund

The School Fund contributions from this year have been spent on the following: National Gallery Workshop, Science Museum (Sun Exhibition), Cheam Walk and Chocolate Workshop. Thank you again for your kind donations.

This week’s learning…

This week we have completed a number of science experiments, including investigating the effects of irreversible changes. These included burning paper, toasting bread and mixing vinegar and bicarbonate soda together to see if they could go back to their original forms. The children demonstrated some excellent scientific investigation skills during their experiments!

We also had a fantastic Sports Day, where all the children demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and all put one hundred percent effort into all the events! We had some brilliant races that included sprints, relay and long distance, as well as long jump and shot put.

Well done to all the children that took part, and thank you to all the parents and careers who came along to support. A special well done to 5G, who came in first place!

This week’s learning…

We had a fantastic time on Monday and Tuesday with our Chocolate Workshop! We learned about the process of making chocolate from the cocoa beans inside the cocoa pod to the finished product. The cocoa beans were very bitter and even smelt like vinegar!

We talked about the Maya and Aztec history and the arrival of cocoa in Europe as well as the development of cocoa into chocolate. We were also able to have a tasting session, where we talked about the different textures, qualities and flavours. At the end of the workshop, we were able to make our own chocolates – the Year 5 teachers hope you enjoyed eating them!

This week in science, we have looked at solutions, suspensions and mixtures and also discussed reversible changes. A reversible change may change how a material looks or feels, but it does not create new materials. Examples of reversible reactions taking place can be in freezing, melting, evaporation and dissolving – we looked at melting chocolate to keep in with our chocolate theme!

In Mathematics, we have been converting different units of time from years-months; months-days; days-weeks; and hours-days. Challenge question: How old are you in hours, days, weeks and months? How many hours, days, weeks (minutes!) are the summer holidays?