This Week’s Learning

Welcome to the Summer term!

This week in topic, we had an exciting start to our new topic by participating in water activities. First, we made origami water bombs. These were quite fiddly but we followed instructions and persevered to make them.  We then went outside and completed some water activities where we had to use sponges to fill up cylinders of water! It was a lot of fun! Later in the week, we learnt about the water and set up our own model water cycle investigation in the classroom. Over the week we made observations and noticed that the water was evaporating from the cup and condensing on the cling film. We learnt all about the different processes in the water cycle including what condensation, evaporating and precipitation mean.

In maths this week, we were learning all about  length and perimeter. We started the week by converting metres  into kilometers and learnt that there are 1000 metres in a kilometer. This meant that when converting from metres to kilometers we had to divide by 1000. Next, we learnt that perimeter is the length of all of the outside edges of the shape added together. After that, we found the perimeter of rectilinear shapes by counting squares. Finally, we learnt that we can add the sides together to find the perimeter.