Health and Wellbeing Summer 1

In Health and Wellbeing this half term, we learned lots of new things about conflicting emotions (having two emotions at the same time), having a positive mindset and how to stay safe online.

Knowledge we have gained:

  • Know how to describe the range and intensity of their feelings to others 
  • Know how to tell the difference between good and not so good feelings 
  • To know how to recognise other people’s feelings
  • To know what positively and negatively affects my physical, mental and emotional health

Skills we have learnt and used:

  • How to manage complex or conflicting emotions 
  • To recognise that they may experience conflicting emotions and when they might need to listen to or overcome these
  • To care about other people’s feelings and try to see, respect and if necessary, constructively challenge, their points of view
  • To practise using strategies to develop a growth mindset


‘You need to make mistakes to learn, otherwise you won’t learn anything.’ – Maisy

‘Sometimes I’ve felt nervous and excited at the same time, like if I’m going on a rollercoaster, but I know it’ll be a good experience so I focus on the positive.’ – Ava

Key vocabulary that we have learned and used to describe our emotions: positive, negative, growth-mindset, fixed mindset, ‘online presence’, conflicting emotions.