This Week’s Learning

In topic this week, the children started by looking at the invention of the telephone. They learnt all about Alexander Graham Bell: when he invented it and why he invented it. The children thought about communication and why the invention of the telephone is a significant changing point in history and impacts our lives. Thinking about how phones have changed over time, the children discussed how technology has developed throughout the years. Here are some examples of some phones that we looked at:

After that, the children used their knowledge of developments to design their very own futuristic mobile phone. They had to think about what features the phone would have, what the phone’s unique selling point would be and how the phone would be affordable to customers. The children were then able to incorporate this into their writing; they planned a newspaper report about the release of their new phone. A great week of learning, well done Year 6!


In maths this week, the children started by learning how to multiply fractions by fractions. They learnt that when multiplied, although the denominator gets larger, the fraction actually gets smaller. They then moved onto multiplying fractions by whole numbers. After that, they used strips of paper to learn how to divide fractions by whole numbers – this helped their understanding. They then applied their knowledge to word problems involving the division of fractions.

Another great week – well done Year 6!