This Week’s Learning

This week in maths, Year 6 mathematicians have been using their geometry skills to work out angles on a straight line (180 degrees) and angles around a point (360 degrees). They then went on to calculate angles in triangles (they all add up 180 degrees) and quadrilaterals (they all add up to 360 degrees). Finally, Year 6 calculated interior and exterior angles of regular polygons! Super shape work Year 6!

This week in topic, Year 6 started off the week by sketching fossils (final piece). Later in the week, Year 6 writers collected language on a Galapagos Island animal (appearance, movement and sound). Then, Year 6 wrote the introduction to a story based on Charles Darwin’s first moments when arriving to the Galapagos Islands. Finally, they edited and improved their work with their learning partners! Excellent writing Year 6!