Celebrating Home Learning

Wow, this half term has gone so quickly. Thank you again for all the lovely emails that have been sent to celebrate all the incredible things you are continuing to do at home.

Caitlin wanted to share a message and recommend this website to Year 6: There is a TV series on CBBC called Operation Ouch that is really interesting and is about looking into the human body. They have recently done an episode explaining the work going on inside the hospital where my Daddy works (UCLH) and what the NHS are doing to stop the virus. I found it really helpful! Here’s the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000hyjc/operation-ouch-series-9-1-virus-alert

Hasan completed the Maths learning on investigating the arrangement of a 3D shape using cubes.
From the edible playdough that Megan made, she created a heart.  She used pieces of red and blue thread for the veins and broke up bits of the yellow playdough to show the fat around the heart.  She also wrote a book review for the book ‘I am Malala’.
Ritsika made a poster about the human organs, as well as a book review about The Return of the Railway Children.
Following my video for creating a poster about the human body, Emily found some fantastic but very weird facts!
Both Thaaniya and Isaac created interesting facts about the human body too.
Aryaman created different images of the systems we have in our bodies. Here you can see the digestive system, the respiratory system, the skeleton and the heart. Very detailed!
Both Szymon and Caitlin completed the bacteria experiment using bread. They kept the bread sealed in plastic bags to contain the mould. They then observed the changes over time. It’s incredible how much bacteria is on our devices!
Amtul sketched these fantastic Anime characters. Very artistic!
Ravith painted this incredible picture. Very creative!
Lucila wrote a character profile.
Isaac wrote a character profile about Mr Bat.
Paniz wrote a character profile, as well as identified the features of a balanced argument.
Lucila identified the features of a balanced argument and Isaac created a plan, listing the key vocabulary he would include.
Maddalena wrote a balanced argument.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us. It has been a joy to look at and share all of your work! Wishing you all a great break this coming week, I will post another celebration post on Friday 5th June. Until then, please keep safe.

Mrs Nunn