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Celebrating Home Learning

Whilst at school, Maddalena and Avni created these positive mental health posters and followed videos of card folding craft to make these pencil pots.
Anvi wrote her play script based on the Disney film ‘Moana’.
Maddalena wrote a rap to go with the play script.
Elif shared her work from the fiver challenge.
She also wrote her play based on ‘Snow White’. You can watch her production using the link below.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thank you for showing such resilience and perseverance during this time. You are all incredible and we are so proud of you!

Language of the Month – Japanese

Hi Everyone,

This week I’ve sharing some games that children play in Japan for you to try. 

The first is called Menko ( for KS2 children )  the second is a website sharing some Japanese games that children of all ages can play indoors. 


(めんこ, 面子) is a Japanese card game played by two or more players. It is also the name of the type of cards used to play this game. Each player uses Menko cards made from thick paper or cardboard, printed on one or both sides with images from anime, manga, and other works. A player’s card is placed on the hardwood or concrete floor and the other player throws down his card, trying to flip the other player’s card with a gust of wind or by striking his card against the other card. If he succeeds, he takes both cards. The player who takes all the cards, or the one with the most cards at the game’s end, wins the game. You can decide how long to play for!

 Its quick and simple rules have made it popular among children of all age groups. Because technique is just as important as power in this game, smaller children can compete fairly with older players.

Japanese Indoor Games

Link for indoor games below! They look like great fun, I hope you enjoy them!

8 Indoor Japanese Games To Try Out During The Coronavirus School Shutdown – Savvy Tokyo4. Shiritori (しりとり) Shiritori is a popular Japanese vocabulary game, the ideal brain-picker for Japanese learners or to sharpen little minds. It’s perfect for long indoor days or road trips with the family. The word “Shiritori” can be broken down into two parts which help to explain the rules of the game. Shiri, or 知り, translates to the backside or rear-end of

Mrs Maddock

Celebrating Home Learning

Thank you for the wonderful emails that you sent in this week. You continue to work really hard and I am so impressed with the quality of writing that I am receiving. It is great to see that you are engaging in lots of fun and creative activities too. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and continue to enjoy the wonderful weather. I look forward to hearing about your productions next week.

Paniz created a PowerPoint all about balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. Below she also wrote a balanced argument on whether phones are suitable for younger children. She hopes you enjoy reading them.

Sarah has been busy completing her maths work on the translation of shapes. Great effort!
Aryaman wrote this wonderful poem about his time at Avenue and the memories he will hold on to. Very touching.
Year 6 enjoyed the visit and talk from the Police to support them in their transition to High School.
Joel made an Olympic torch for one of the Year 6 bubble sports day!

Language of the Month -Japanese

Hi Everyone, 
This week I wanted to share a type of cartoon drawing that is very popular in Japan. It is called Manga. Below you can see a small cartoon using Manga.
Below is a link to teach you how to draw Manga monster characters. There are lots of other Manga tutorial videos that you can follow online so have a look and see what you can find! I hope you have a great time drawing!

How to Draw a Cute Manga Monster – for BeginnersIf you want to draw cute manga or anime characters, you’ll want to learn how to draw adorable anime monsters. They’re easy to draw – beginners will be able to start drawing these loveable creatures right away by following the steps that I show in my video. And you can’t go wrong, because manga monsters are fantasy creatures – therefore, there’s …

Mrs Maddock

Celebrating Home Learning

After a whole month, Megan completed the mould experiment and above are her findings. Great perseverance with this task Megan. Below she has also describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within humans.
Lucila shared her explanations and diagrams for the transporting of water and nutrients activity. Below, Lucila shared her final business idea with all the information on the products. Great work.
Aarush wrote a fascinating report about the human body. A fantastic read, very informative Aarush. Below, he shares his Fiver challenge product – The infinity cube. An eye-catching poster, with great sales points. Well done.
Amtul made a poster to promote her products. What fantastic bookmarks and unique designs!

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things that you have been getting up to. I really enjoy receiving all the messages and getting to see how hard you are continuing to work. Well done to you all!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! Mrs Nunn