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Maths Home Learning w/b 4th May 2020

See below for the list of activities for Maths next week.

Lesson 1 – Classifying angles answers

Lesson 1 – Classifying angles

Lesson 2 – Finding angles answers

Lesson 2 – Finding angles

Lesson 3 – Angles sheet answers (Updated)

Lesson 3 – Angles sheet

Lesson 4 – Angles sheet answers

Lesson 4 – Angles sheet

Lesson 5 – Problems answers

Lesson 5 – Problems

Year 6 Maths LJ Week 3

Next Week’s Learning

LO: To interpret conversion graphs to convert between miles & KM, inches & cm, pounds & kg, pints & litres  
LO: To investigate pie charts and solve problems  
LO: To construct pie charts.  
LO: To interpret pie charts and solve problems (SATs style questions).  
LO: To convert between years, months, weeks and days & days and hours  


L.O: I can use historical sources to find evidence.
LO: I can plan a diary entry.
LO: I can identify the features of a diary and select appropriate language.
LO: I can write a diary entry (as Frederick Catherwood).
LO: I can edit a diary entry.