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This Week’s Learning

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This week in topic, we had our hook. On Tuesday, all of the children were encouraged to dress up as the profession they want to be when they are older and we saw a great variety of professions from very determined children! We then wrote our life story.

Later on in the week, we analysed auto-biographies and looked at their features before planning and writing our own. It was great to see how much the children have already achieved and their aspirations for the future!


In maths this week, we have been learning about algebra. We learned how to find the sequence of numbers using the ‘nth’ term and how to find the missing numbers in sequences.

Once we had a clear understanding of this, we began to find the value of ‘x’ by substitution. Many of the children enjoyed this and demonstrated a great understanding of it. Below are some examples, please encourage your children to practice at home.

This Weeks Learning

The children have had a great first week back. They have settled in well and are working hard!


This week , we finished off our previous topic ‘Brilliant British Inventors’. We read the first chapter of The Matilda Effect by Ellie Irving and then the children were tasked with creating their own next chapter to the story. They have worked so hard on these pieces of writing and we are proud teachers.


For Maths this week, we looked at scaling problems and then moved onto measuring length, weight and volume. Please see below for some examples of the learning from this week. We encourage you use them to practise further.