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This Week’s Learning

This week in maths, we have been recapping pictograms, line graphs and bar charts. Later in the week, we applied this knowledge by constructing a line graph based on our own enquiry. Some classes chose to measure the temperature of hot drinks over a period of time and others decided to measure the height of the coins in 2 litre bottle that we have been using for the small change challenge, organised by the PTA. We were able to draw conclusions and spot patterns based on the data presented on our line graphs.

In topic, we have planned, written and edited our own myths. We learnt that myths usually have a moral that makes the reader reflect on a particular situation, for example being respectful or honest.

Together, we created a class story map and discussed the structure of the myth.

Following this, we edited an example of an opening and ending and then wrote our own. We have focused on using a variety of sentence starters and sentence types to engage the reader. This has helped us to think of the effect on the reader and the purpose of writing techniques.